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Patient Experience Patient Engagement

How patient engagement can help alleviate physician burnout

Digital engagement solutions have been helping providers boost patient experience, improve the health of populations and lower the cost of delivering care — the Triple Aim for optimizing health system performance as outlined by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

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MIPS Improvement Activities Revenue and Reimbursement

GetWell Loop’s QCDR certification means full credit for MIPS Improvement Activities

As healthcare continues to emphasize quality over quantity, some providers are still grappling with the day-to-day realities of new payment models for treating patients and new quality metrics they must report to maximize reimbursements and avoid penalties.

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Patient Engagement Value-Based Care Improved Outcomes

Delighting patients: the right thing to do (and good for business)

Physicians and care teams must make time to engage with their patients for a very simple reason: It’s the right thing to do. The more engaged a patient is, the better his or her outcome will be.

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Patient Safety Patient Experience Patient Engagement

Taking anxiety out of the physician-patient dialogue

One of the most overlooked aspects of medical episodes and surgical recoveries is the anxiety felt by the patient. Is that shooting pain part of the healing process, or is something wrong? Am I supposed to still be bruised and swollen three days later? Am I on track, or should I be doing something…

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Engaging and empowering our nation’s heroes


Clinicians in VA Medical Centers (VAMCs) across the nation are using GetWellNetwork’s patient-centered platform to empower Veterans to participate in their healthcare journey, which ultimately, leads to better outcomes.

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