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Advancing towards a hospital discharge quality guarantee


When a patient is discharged from the hospital, he or she has every reasonable expectation that a potentially avoidable readmission won’t happen. However, by some estimates, nearly 20% of Medicare patients are readmitted within 30 days, and nearly 34% within 90 days, leading to more than $17…

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Bundled Payments Patient Experience

Keys to success under BPCI Advanced


If you’ve recently submitted your organization’s BPCI Advanced application, congratulations! Since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced late last year that it would end mandatory bundled payment models for hip fractures and cardiac care, many have worried that this would be a…

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Online Reviews Patient Experience

Insights into the impact of online physician reviews


As online review sites gained traction, some feared that physicians would change their plans for treatment to get better reviews, and others pointed out that anonymous commenters could harm the reputations of good providers. But the evidence to date suggests that online reviews have strengthened…

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PROMs: Bringing the voice of the patient into the equation


The pressure to hold down healthcare costs, maximize clinical quality and improve patient experience has stimulated new approaches to measuring value, and places greater focus on the use of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs).

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Clinical Study

Digital therapeutics poised to reach critical mass adoption in 2018


The momentum around digital health has been building for years. Whether it’s managing diabetes, curing insomnia or guiding patients through surgery and recovery, digital therapeutics represent exciting opportunities to improve outcomes and quality of life, and to reduce costs of care.

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MIPS Improvement Activities CMS

MIPS Improvement Activity update rewards the use of patient engagement tools

It is widely agreed that the transition to value-based care requires the fuller engagement of patients and their caregivers to improve outcomes and lower costs. Data shows that when patients play bigger roles in their treatment, providers can better coordinate care and, therefore, lower costs and…

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Patient Experience Patient Engagement Improved Outcomes

The hidden actors in hospital readmissions

When a patient is discharged from the hospital, being readmitted is just about the last thing he or she wants. Not only does a readmission carry with it implicit medical stressors, but there are a multitude of family, community, social, economic and quality-of-life implications. While some…

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Patient Experience Patient Engagement

How patient engagement can help alleviate physician burnout

Digital engagement solutions have been helping providers boost patient experience, improve the health of populations and lower the cost of delivering care — the Triple Aim for optimizing health system performance as outlined by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

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Online Reviews

The value of online reviews in healthcare

When patients began reviewing their providers online the way they review restaurants and hotels, many worried that unfiltered comments from the public would have an unhealthy effect on the delivery of medical care. After all, the delivery of care is not at all like the delivery of pizza. In the…

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