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The Role of Digital Health Technology in Vaccine Distribution

A doctor types on smartphone

Nearly eleven months after the first American lockdowns for COVID-19, there’s a glimmer of hope for mitigation and resolution of the pandemic. As of November 24, five separate Phase 3 clinical trials are in progress or planned for COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S.

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Robocalls: Effective patient engagement tool or annoying disruption?


In a typical week, the average consumer is bombarded with multiple robocalls, with pitches ranging from the promise of free groceries for answering a few questions to offers for low-cost health insurance. These irksome automated calls disrupt consumers day and night — during business meetings,…

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Eliminate manual communication procedures to achieve high reliability


For many hospitals and health systems, creating a culture of high reliability is a priority. As healthcare shifts toward value-based care models that reward strong clinical outcomes, using repeatable, standardized processes to avoid errors and deliver safe, high-quality care is vital.

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From script to conversation: Making patient rounding personal


Today’s patients don’t just want to be cured; they want to feel cared for during their hospital stay. And with reimbursement linked to patient satisfaction, it’s crucial for hospitals to take a more proactive approach to delivering an excellent experience. It’s simply not enough to find out about a…

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Effective rounding contributes to a culture of high reliability


Hospitals recognized nationally for patient safety and quality are focusing on making substantial improvements to ensure more consistent and reliable processes are in place to deliver high-quality healthcare to every patient, every time.

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