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Care coordination: the next big thing in patient loyalty


Healthcare is a competitive marketplace. Consumers nowadays are savvy, demanding frictionless access, convenience and a personalized experience. From the transition to digital consumer health to the always-on nature of remote patient monitoring, the industry is constantly evolving and drawing…

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Reimbursement for remote patient monitoring is accelerating adoption


Remote patient monitoring (RPM) does precisely what it says, allowing providers to monitor patients while patients are at home or otherwise outside of the hospital or clinical care setting. It’s an innovative concept and one that cuts down on costs and catches complications before they escalate.…

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Focused on patient loyalty? Look beyond HCAHPS scores.


HCAHPS scores, a measure of patient satisfaction, have long been the primary qualification by which health systems measure patient experience. And while these scores can tell us important things about the inpatient experience, there've been no "bulletproof" studies linking excellence on HCAHPS to…

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What keeps patients from adopting patient portals?


Patient portals are widely viewed as a way to enable patient engagement. In reality, portals haven’t lived up to that promise.

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Digital Consumer Health engagement

Bridging the digital divide: Improving patient experience across care settings


Keeping patients with chronic conditions compliant with their care plans. Ensuring patients are following their discharge instructions to avoid readmissions.

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Patient Experience Patient Engagement Digital Health

2018 year in review


The digital health ecosystem continued to explode in 2018, with an influx of new investment dollars and hundreds of vendors offering wide-ranging solutions. We also saw heightened recognition by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) of digital health innovations as proven tools to support…

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Revenue and Reimbursement Virtual Check-Ins Remote Patient Monitoring

Three new codes for remote patient monitoring to launch in January


On November 1st, CMS announced several new billing codes to incentivize the use of technology to engage with patients at home when it released the final Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for 2019. The rule includes additional amendments designed to accelerate the use of virtual check-ins and remote…

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Patient Engagement Automation

Is automated patient outreach the same as engagement?


Hospitals and health systems are aware of the fact that poor communication following discharge is a problem that contributes to preventable complications and readmissions. And poor support after discharge not only impacts outcomes. It also decreases patient satisfaction.

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CMS Revenue and Reimbursement

CMS launches payment for “virtual check-ins” and boosts payment for remote patient monitoring


Earlier this month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced its 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and Quality Payment Program, with several amendments designed to accelerate the use of patient engagement and remote patient monitoring (RPM) in the market.

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Patient Safety Improved Outcomes

Are you putting your patients at risk?


Across the country, health systems have made significant investments in recent years installing electronic health records (EHRs) — sometimes spending tens of millions of dollars. Eight years after the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act offered providers…

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