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COVID-19 series: Here to keep helping

It’s a difficult time for patients, clinicians and the general public right now. I see that all around me — from friends, from family, from GetWellNetwork’s own employees. 

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GetWellNetwork coronavirus

COVID-19 Series: This is why I'm here. This is why we exist.

Paper dolls

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A message from Michael O’Neil on Coronavirus

Dear clients,

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2019 year in review


2019 was a busy year for GetWellNetwork, one that saw the continued integration of GetWell Loop, the rollout of GetWell Anywhere and an exciting collaboration with Cerner, helping to put patients at the center of care.

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Here’s why you should integrate your EHR + patient engagement platform

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Recently, we’ve talked about integrating patient engagement software with an EHR. We’ve also talked about how there are integration opportunities — lots of them — for your digital front door strategy. But integration sounds complex, clients tell us. “Why would I take it on?”

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How integration opens up the digital front door


In my last post, I talked about EHRs integrating with patient engagement solutions: why EHRs might do this, what value a patient engagement technology might bring to the relationship and what it all means for the patient.

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EHR + patient engagement platform integration: good for providers, good for patients


The implementation of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for a healthcare organization can be an enormous undertaking, in terms of money, time and effort. These systems are comprehensive and complex, offering features to aid both patients and providers. 

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Digital CARE: Using technology to engage and educate family caregivers

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More than 40 million Americans perform a family caregiving role each year for a loved one. These include often overlooked caregiving populations, including men, people from every race/ethnicity and millennials. Not only is this work unpaid, but it often incurs extensive out-of-pocket costs for the…

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Technology is changing how we treat patient loyalty, are you prepared?


Healthcare is bankrupting the nation, and instinctively health system leaders know that they will never make more money than they are making in this industry today. That said, leaders have to take a very non-traditional approach to margin growth shifting away from throughput and towards outcomes…

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Missing the mark on care management? Renew your focus on patient loyalty


As clinical staff, we all want what’s best for our patients. Care management is meant to improve patient care and help patients and families learn to manage conditions in a way that will ideally lessen the need for future medical intervention. It’s a worthy goal, but the traditional approach to…

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