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Behind the Scenes: Why We Acquired Docent Health

One Company, Endless Possibilities — Personalized Care for Everyone

From GetWellNetwork’s first days, we’ve held true to one central belief: a more active and involved patient is a better, healthier patient. For 20 years, we’ve been innovating and improving on the concept of patient engagement, with the patient at the forefront of our minds. 

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How Digital Health Technology Can Help with Staffing Needs

Healthcare staff member uses digital health technology

It’s been nearly a year since the first cases of COVID-19 found their way to the United States. And, as the country battles a continuing surge of COVID-19 cases, there are far too many patients filling our hospitals. 

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Using Technology to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19 on State Tourism

A woman uses a health tech app on her smartphone

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism was booming, both nationally and internationally. 

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The Role of Digital Health Technology in Vaccine Distribution

A doctor types on smartphone

Nearly eleven months after the first American lockdowns for COVID-19, there’s a glimmer of hope for mitigation and resolution of the pandemic. As of November 24, five separate Phase 3 clinical trials are in progress or planned for COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S.

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Behind the Scenes of a Video Utilization Initiative in Inpatient Units


In its quest to better serve Veterans, one Mid-Atlantic VA Medical Center partnered with GetWellNetwork in FY19 and FY20 to launch a video utilization initiative across its acute inpatient units. The technology used, GetWell Inpatient, is a dynamic solution, and a key component of this initiative…

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Using GetWellNetwork in Hospice and Palliative Care

A caretaker holds the hand of a patient in an inpatient setting

GetWell Inpatient promotional spaces provide each healthcare facility with promotional opportunities within a carousel navigation at the top of the patient's home screen. In 2019, GetWellNetwork developed a hospice and palliative care promotional space, with an initial launch at a Mid-Atlantic VA…

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Keeping Our Veterans Connected and Engaged During the Pandemic

Two care providers view technology

When COVID-19 hit a Southern VA Medical Center back in March and the facility was forced to suspend relatives’ visits to the Community Living Center (CLC), the suspension took a gigantic toll on the morale and spirits of the CLC population. Making things worse, even the beloved CLC recreational,…

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Using Digital Health Technology to Optimize Resident Engagement

An older male patient navigates GetWellNetwork via tablet

The 2020s may turn out to be the decade when digital technology reshapes healthcare, as an aging population and public health crises continue to challenge the country’s healthcare systems. The digital health community — including those active within the Veterans Health Administration — must work to…

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The Importance of Scaling Digital Engagement Programs

Woman engaging with her smartphone

Digital engagement is on the rise in healthcare, an industry where market demand for digital access means that:

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The Virtual Market Demands of COVID-19

Masked woman using technology for a telehealth appointment

Healthcare is always changing. From the introduction of new methods of care to changes in how care is delivered to refreshed and revitalized avenues for reimbursement, the industry is ever in flux and ever expanding.

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