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“Life in your face”: One ER nurse’s experience on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic


In less than 20 years, America’s opioid crisis has grown exponentially: As recently as 2017, the number of overdose deaths involving opioids was six times higher than it had been in 1999. Nowadays, on average, 130 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose.

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Focused on patient loyalty? Look beyond HCAHPS scores.


HCAHPS scores, a measure of patient satisfaction, have long been the primary qualification by which health systems measure patient experience. And while these scores can tell us important things about the inpatient experience, there've been no "bulletproof" studies linking excellence on HCAHPS to…

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The importance of nurse mentorship



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5 elements for launching a scalable, unified digital health strategy


Digital health is quickly becoming part of everyday life, offering a powerful opportunity for patients to take an active role in managing their health. For providers, digital health tools can bring real-time insight into whether a patient is adhering to their treatment regimen or experiencing a…

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What keeps patients from adopting patient portals?


Patient portals are widely viewed as a way to enable patient engagement. In reality, portals haven’t lived up to that promise.

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The promise of technology to transform patient care


Effectively engaging patients and their families is a proven way to increase patient experience, care plan compliance and outcomes. The challenge for healthcare providers is creating interactions with patients that are meaningful. Over the past several years, emerging technology has enabled…

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Being a family caregiver: The challenge is real

blog_banner_Being a family caregiver

In an ideal situation, a person who interacts with the healthcare system owns their journey of care and can determine the best course of action based on all evidence-based information. But there are times when patients may be incapable of fully engaging in their care. Serious illness,…

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Lifting the patient voice: Delivering a personalized healthcare experience


As healthcare providers, we strive to personalize, humanize and demystify the healthcare experience for patients. We want the patient to know that they are always at the center of their care. We strive to preserve their respect and dignity. It is only respectful to communicate effectively with…

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From script to conversation: Making patient rounding personal


Today’s patients don’t just want to be cured; they want to feel cared for during their hospital stay. And with reimbursement linked to patient satisfaction, it’s crucial for hospitals to take a more proactive approach to delivering an excellent experience. It’s simply not enough to find out about a…

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What do patients want out of patient engagement apps?


For many patients, even routine medical procedures can be an anxiety-ridden experience. As most don’t have a medical background, just going into the doctor’s office for something other than an annual physical exam can be intimidating. We all want to be reassured when undergoing something that…

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