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Patient Experience Patient Engagement Patient check-in

4 ways practices can inspire patient loyalty


As technology advances in other industries, consumers expect to see the same in healthcare. This is particularly true when it comes to increased convenience.

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Patient Experience Patient Engagement Value-Based Care

It’s time for administrators to elevate patient engagement

Hospital administrators are under pressure to keep their patients from seeking care from other providers, which means they need to find ways to build patient loyalty.

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Patient Safety Patient Experience Patient Engagement

Daily engagement is a matter of patient safety

Working with GetWell Loop, I feel rewarded when I hear that hospitals using our solution are increasing market share, cutting costs and putting valuable information into the hands of care teams and patients.

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Online Reviews Patient Experience Patient Engagement Revenue and Reimbursement

Community hospitals should use engagement tools to keep patients in network, lower costs

Some patients prefer community hospitals to larger health systems when it comes to seeking medical care, because a local organization can offer a personal touch that is hard to come by in large systems.

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Patient Safety PROMs Online Reviews Patient Experience Patient Engagement Improved Outcomes

Health networks see a return on investment in patient engagement

Some healthcare providers are still deciding whether they want to implement an automated patient engagement solution, but a growing number of hospitals and health systems are moving forward with it. When they do, they quickly find that daily engagement builds patient loyalty and increases referrals.

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Patient Experience Patient Engagement Improved Outcomes

The hidden actors in hospital readmissions

When a patient is discharged from the hospital, being readmitted is just about the last thing he or she wants. Not only does a readmission carry with it implicit medical stressors, but there are a multitude of family, community, social, economic and quality-of-life implications. While some…

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Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is far more frictionless than EHR implementation

Hospitals and health systems have everything to gain from implementing patient engagement solutions, as they’ve been shown to lower readmission and complication rates, cut costs and boost patient satisfaction scores. But some providers are still hesitant to implement new software.

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Patient Engagement

5 things to consider before you select a patient engagement platform

As health systems increasingly seek out ways to improve patient experience and achieve better outcomes, patient engagement platforms have flooded the market. Yes, the number of options can be overwhelming and, yes, if you haven’t identified a platform yet, now is the time to get started.

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Patient Engagement

Automated check-ins set an empathetic tone by letting physicians lead

If you’ve ever wondered how a digital patient engagement solution like GetWell Loop can communicate with people using the empathetic tone of a physician, the explanation is simple: Empathetic human beings are at the controls.

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Patient Experience Patient Engagement

How patient engagement can help alleviate physician burnout

Digital engagement solutions have been helping providers boost patient experience, improve the health of populations and lower the cost of delivering care — the Triple Aim for optimizing health system performance as outlined by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

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