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Patient Engagement Value-Based Care Improved Outcomes

Delighting patients: the right thing to do (and good for business)

Physicians and care teams must make time to engage with their patients for a very simple reason: It’s the right thing to do. The more engaged a patient is, the better his or her outcome will be.

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Patient Safety Patient Experience Patient Engagement

Taking anxiety out of the physician-patient dialogue

One of the most overlooked aspects of medical episodes and surgical recoveries is the anxiety felt by the patient. Is that shooting pain part of the healing process, or is something wrong? Am I supposed to still be bruised and swollen three days later? Am I on track, or should I be doing something…

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Patient Experience Patient Engagement Improved Outcomes

Why the EHR is not patient engagement

As the adoption of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) approaches 70% of all providers, our nation’s hospitals and health systems have been rewarded for attaining meaningful use from new software, mandated by the government.

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Patient Experience Patient Engagement Value-Based Care Improved Outcomes

Let’s get real about ‘consumerizing’ healthcare

There is a lot of conversation today about the rise of the consumer as a newly empowered stakeholder in the country’s healthcare system. I’m all for it. But before we further discuss the consumerization of healthcare, there are a few things we should be clear about.

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Patient Engagement

When communication breakdown hurts patients and providers

I have spent much of my career helping create new software for the healthcare industry. There are plenty of inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, and technology can help address these by enabling better communication between physicians and administrators.

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Patient Engagement

With patient engagement, start out on the right foot

Until recently, patients have faced significant challenges when engaging with their providers outside of in-person visits or hospital stays. Regular, daily dialogue between patient and provider was cumbersome and inconsistent for both parties.

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Patient Engagement

5 common myths about patient engagement debunked

While patient engagement platforms have been evolving for the past several years, the technology is still relatively new. For this reason, misconceptions persist about who engages with these platforms and how frequently.

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Patient Experience Patient Engagement Revenue and Reimbursement Value-Based Care Improved Outcomes

The single best practice for achieving quality outcomes: Listening to patients

For healthcare providers today, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

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